Skywaters Residences Record Breaking Sale for 99 years condo

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Skywaters Residences Record Breaking Sale for a 99 year old leasehold condo does not really make sense, does it. It is, no matter where the location, a 99 year old leasehold at $6,100 psf. We can do better with that money at 32 Gilstead.

Skywaters Residences: A New Benchmark in Luxury Real Estate

Skywaters Residences has made headlines in Singapore’s real estate market by achieving a groundbreaking sale of $47.34 million for one of its units. This remarkable transaction, surpassing S$6,100 per square foot, signifies a significant milestone in the realm of high-end properties.

Understanding the Dynamics Behind the Record Sale

What sets Skywaters Residences apart is its unique blend of luxury, location, and exclusivity. The property’s allure lies not only in its lavish amenities but also in its strategic positioning within the market. The record-breaking sale serves as a testament to the growing demand for premium properties in Singapore, even those with a 99-year leasehold tenure.

Unprecedented Surge in Price per Square Foot

The sale at Skywaters Residences not only established a new benchmark but also showcased a historic surge in price per square foot (psf), which had not exceeded S$6,000 since October 2022. Surpassing the S$6,100 psf mark, this achievement underscores the increasing confidence among buyers and their willingness to invest at premium prices.

Demand for High-End Properties such as 32 Gilstead

The exceptional performance of Skywaters Residences highlights the enduring appeal of high-end properties among investors and homebuyers. As condo prices and sales volumes continue to rise, it signifies a healthy and competitive market environment. Sellers stand to benefit from elevated prices, while buyers are motivated to secure properties amidst fears of missing out on future gains.

But if you are looking for a high end property, you should really consider 32 Gilstead condo at Newton. At $3,500 psf for a large format unit (more than 4,000 sqf) at a great location close to top primary schools and most importantly of all, the $14million investment buys you a FREEHOLD Condo.

Or you can consider another FREEHOLD condo being sold for a huge popularity at Bukit Timah at Watten House. Or if you are an East person (actually Katong is not that far from Tanjong Pagar either.. hey you still get excellent fireworks views on National Day too), then Meyer Blue condo might be a new choice for you.

There are better choices for FREEHOLD in Singapore.

Considerations for Investors

Amidst these developments, it’s essential for investors to stay informed and assess their options carefully. While properties like Skywaters Residences command attention for their prestige and investment potential, other offerings, such as Freehold properties like 32 Gilstead, offer alternative advantages. Factors such as location, amenities, and tenure play crucial roles in shaping investment decisions.

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