Raffles Town Club to be redeveloped

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Raffles Town Club to be redeveloped to a prime housing area.

The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) and Urban Redevelopment Authority declared on Nov 20 that the premium property presently occupied by Raffles Town Club will be redesigned for residential purposes once the lease ends on Oct 17, 2026.

The official press release is available here at this link from URA.

Raffles Town Club To be redeveloped
Raffles Town Club to be redeveloped to housing

The land in question, located at 1 Plymouth Avenue, is strategically positioned near Stevens MRT interchange, Tanglin Community Club and respected schools such as Singapore Chinese Girls School and St Joseph’s Institution.

Raffles Town Club to be 1km from top schools
1km from top schools

This move aligns with Singapore’s overarching strategy of optimally redeveloping brownfield sites to meet future land needs including housing demands. In a joint statement, the authorities stated that this metamorphosis will not only address future housing requirements but also enhance the residential atmosphere of the vicinity.

Future residents can look forward to improved transport amenities and uninterrupted connectivity throughout the city and across the island. Raffles Town Club (RTC) has been given permission to maintain its operations until its lease expires after which it must surrender the land back to the state. SLA has pledged complete cooperation with RTC during this transitional period. G

iven that the site is within a kilometer of Singapore Chinese Girls School and ACS Barker Road, one can anticipate high value for this location (similar to Watten House which is within a kilometer from Nanyang Primary and Raffles Girl Primary).

However, this is out in the future. As we are not 100% clear on the plans for the location and besides the return to government is in 2026 and then there will be a wait before it will be available for sale. In addition, the launch date and the construction period will meant that this property is not in question till middle of 2030.

In the meantime, for housing in Newton and Novena area, and to be close to top primary schools such as ACS(P), ACS(Junior) and SJI, readers should consider properties such as 32-34 Gilstead Road Condo or Enchante.

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