32 Gilstead Masterful Collaboration by Three Luminaries

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32 Gilstead, with just 14 units of truly remarkable luxury freehold homes at Newton Landed Area, with each unit from 4,000sqft, and developed by the outstanding luxury condo developer, Kheng Leong.

It is also A Masterful Collaboration by Three Luminaries

A masterpiece designed for generations to generations. We are warmly inviting you to discover timeless elegance and bespoke luxury.

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32 Gilstead Masterful Collaboration by Three Luminaries : Ernesto Bedmar

Architectural Marvel – Meet the Visionary

Introducing Ernesto Bedmar – the mastermind architect sculpting our skyline’s newest jewel. His designs fuse timeless elegance with modern grandeur, promising a living space that’s not just a residence but a legacy.

32 Gilstead Masterful Collaboration by Three Luminaries : Koichiro Ikebuchi

🛋️ Inner Worlds of Luxury – Crafted by Koichiro Ikebuchi

Where comfort meets craftsmanship: Koichiro Ikebuchi, the acclaimed interior architect, will lead you into the heart of opulence. Every corner, a statement of sophistication; every touch, a brush with perfection.

Prepare to step inside unparalleled interior beauty.

32 Gilstead Masterful Collaboration by Three Luminaries : Shunmyo Masuno

🍃 A Sanctuary in the City of Shunmyo Masuno’s Masterpiece

The easily neglected but vital piece of every luxury development- Landscape! Shunmyo Masuno’s transformative landscapes that harmonize nature with urban living. Your future garden isn’t just designed; it’s an expression of tranquility crafted by the hands of a Zen master.

The beauty and comfort and sophistication of the luxury condo, 32 Gilstead, are underpinned by our luck in working with 3 Luminaries.

You can be sure this is a luxury condo of immerse class !

Do contact us now for more details of this new FREEHOLD condo.

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